How it Works

100% satisfaction guaranteed

I have put in hundreds of hours developing this course (not to mention 20 years of real-world production experience) and I am so confident in my product that I am willing to put the entire course fee on the line. If for ANY reason you are unsatisfied I will return your purchase with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Not only am I willing to give you your full money back, but I will refund it AT ANY POINT of your purchase even if you come back a year later or more. Most people only give you a 30-day guarantee but nope, not me, I’m not playing around. To be clear: Return the course at any time for any reason for a full refund, no questions asked. 


When you purchase this course bundle you will be receiving a ton of supporting documents and extra bonus items.. keep them with no guilty conscience because if it’s helpful to you then I’m happy for you to have them!


At this point if I haven’t made this deal really enticing for you then I don’t know what to say, I genuinely feel I am creating the BEST deal in videography that you will find anywhere! But if you have any questions feel free to contact me at anytime.


This deal is only valid for the Videography Business Blueprint Course 2019 Bundle and future products will have their own guarantees which will or won’t be the same.