Hello everyone! My name is Henry and I am the owner of a commercial production agency called Luminous US Productions.

I am a filmmaker and a writer and a teacher. I started Videography Academy because I have been in the business since 2001 (with a five year break in between to work for my dad) but a good ten years of my career was INCREDIBLY PAINFUL. And this was because I had nobody to teach me the business of videography. Plus, I am an artist and had literally no concept of what money was, or what it could do to you or for you. And so I went from doing free wedding videos to doing international commercials and projects in 13-ish years, but it was only the last six years that I really started making the leap from charging a few thousand bucks to hundreds of thousands per project.

Now one thing I want to get clear, when someone promises you they will teach you how to make money, they better be talking NET not GROSS. Because I’ve been on million dollar jobs where I worked for month(s) and comparatively per hour, I made WAY LESS than a corporate video I could finish in a few days. So while there’s some cool situations you just want to be in and that’s why the commercial world is sexy and fun, I personally have matured to a point where I don’t give a shit anymore and I’ll just do what makes the best business sense. I feel I’ve already proven myself on a commercial level and now I want to work SMART not just hard.

I’ve tested niches and learned what I like and don’t like and will be applying them to my own business practices, and you can follow along with me!

So NO I’m not going to sell you a course that will solve all your problems in 24 hrs. No, what I’m giving you is the blueprint of my entire career, all the lessons I learned, original ideas I came up with, sales & marketing concepts, and much much more.

I am making the ultimate course that I wanted when I was starting out, and I know it can change lives, because of all the emails I already get from my dear fans, who have truly shown me the power of education. I’m also pricing it for the $100 Challenge WAY lower than the MSRP on that bad bay, I want all the people who need it but can’t afford it yet to have access, because it is you who supported me and gave me the energy to keep going when I was completely insane with the rest of my life.

They say that time waits for no (wo)man, and so if you love making videos and you love the idea of getting paid to do what you love on a level that allows you to live a life with comparative freedom to the average Joe, then the time is now.