The Ultimate Videography Business Platform



  • People who want to live a life of true freedom: getting paid to do what you love!

  • Filmmakers that want to learn how to use their skills to actually make money instead of starve.

  • New Videographers who need help launching their business in a big way.

  • Photographers who want to transition into videography.

  • Marketers and social media experts that want to add video to their services.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Videographers that want to learn more sales techniques and how to level up their income.

  • Introverts that are scared of the sales process -I make it really easy for you bc I’m actually a freakin’ introvert, believe it or not!

  • Anyone that wants to learn the business of videography.


Here I’m making a funny face because I’m thinking “Gee, I’m a producer I’m not even supposed to touch this camera on set.. but should I mess with the focus?

Here I’m making a funny face because I’m thinking “Gee, I’m a producer I’m not even supposed to touch this camera on set.. but should I mess with the focus?


Hello everyone! My name is Henry and I am the owner of a commercial production agency called Luminous US Productions.

I am a filmmaker and a writer and a teacher. I started Videography Academy because I have been in the business since 2001 (with a five year break in between to work for my dad) but a good ten years of my career was INCREDIBLY PAINFUL. And this was because I had nobody to teach me the business of videography. Plus, I am an artist and had literally no concept of what money was, or what it could do to you or for you. And so I went from doing free wedding videos to doing international commercials and projects in 13-ish years, but it was only the last six years that I really started making the leap from charging a few thousand bucks to hundreds of thousands per project.

Now one thing I want to get clear, when someone promises you they will teach you how to make money, they better be talking NET not GROSS. Because I’ve been on million dollar jobs where I worked for month(s) and comparatively per hour, I made WAY LESS than a corporate video I could finish in a few days. So while there’s some cool situations you just want to be in and that’s why the commercial world is sexy and fun, I personally have matured to a point where I don’t give a shit anymore and I’ll just do what makes the best business sense. I feel I’ve already proven myself on a commercial level and now I want to work SMART not just hard.

I’ve tested niches and learned what I like and don’t like and will be applying them to my own business practices, and you can follow along with me!

So NO I’m not going to sell you a course that will solve all your problems in 24 hrs. No, what I’m giving you is the blueprint of my entire career, all the lessons I learned, original ideas I came up with, sales & marketing concepts, and much much more.

I am making the ultimate course that I wanted when I was starting out, and I know it can change lives, because of all the emails I already get from my dear fans, who have truly shown me the power of education.

They say that time waits for no (wo)man, and so if you love making videos and you love the idea of getting paid to do what you love on a level that allows you to live a life with comparative freedom to the average Joe, then the time is now.

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  • The business Model

    • Get 1-10 small businesses a month

    • Sign up for $1,000-$5,000 video

    • This is for single videos

    • You can also do consulting model  but that’s later bc you need to know facebook, etc.

  • How much money you can potentially make in your niche (handout)

    • What is the formula to figure out how much a niche will pay

      • Start with lowest number $500 and $900 and see which clients you get the yes to. 

      • Then from there, double the price each time

        • Ie. $490 to $950 to $1,800 to $3,600. Just keep doubling

        • Or ie. $490, $1,390, $2,450, $3,500, $4,500

      • Know your own formula of lowest cost (handout)

  • Analyze niches on a deeper level 

    • What does that mean? What are we analyzing?

    • The nature of a niche: What do you need to know to understand it

    • How to look at any niche and understand how it works


      • Looking for volume 1,000 exact search matches or more

      • High average cost per click (CPC)

      • Multiple pages of ads

      • Advertisers in the top 3 premium positions

      • Ads that are highly targeted to the search keyword

      • Competition: Medium to high is good

  • Sub-niches: what are they and how do you dominate (handout)

    • Main point is to learn how to see more opportunity and understand how industries are put together by many parts

  • What kind of product ladder you can create in  your niche (handout + worksheet)

    • Product ladder plan (handout)

    • Each Product is made of:

      • Price

      • Benefit

      • Features

      • Time/labor calculations

      • Any other considerations

  • By end of week, decision to know what niche you will be in for videography (entire folder)

    • Follow blueprint and then fill it out yourself

  • A full game-plan/blueprint for your niche domination

    • Step 1: Brainstorm

    • Step 2: Analyze

    • Step 3: Learn the Niche (Talk with people)

    • Step 4: Make a decision by a specific date

    • Step 5: Get your first client


  • How to structure your business

    • How to set up a DBA

  • How to protect yourself on the legal aspect

    • Have the right contracts

      • Individual talent release

      • Minor Release

      • Group talent release

      • Location Release

      • Location Filming Notice

      • Client Contract

        • Services Provided: What you will be providing to your client?

        • Deliverables: What constitutes a “final” or “accepted” deliverable? (our revisions are stated in the specific SOW)

        • Compensation: How you will be paid and when? (don’t forget about expenses as in example above)

        • Confidentiality: Being professional means not sharing your client’s trade secrets with the world.

        • Ownership: Who owns what and when. The service provider should retain ownership until the job is paid in full, always. Otherwise, you have no leverage to get paid after delivering final assets.

        • Indemnification: You should have insurance in place, but this is also good to have in your contract.

        • Timeline: How long you expect the project to take and key dates.

        • Termination: What happens if a project is terminated. Make sure to cover reasonable costs and commitments already scheduled

      • Independent Contractor contract

  • Documents, contracts, etc.

  • Full Branding workshop (logo, colors, etc.) (Branding Worksheet)

  • Get a domain

  • How to make a website for success

    • (free)

      • Show Demo



    • ($16 or $12/mo)

      • Show demo of my site

    • What elements are needed?

      • Godspot

      • Pages Required

        • Home Page

        • About

        • Services

        • Contact (upper right corner)

        • Portfolio

        • Niche page 

          • Must work as it’s own sales funnel

        • Social links (optional)

        • Blog/News (optional) 

          • Can use your blog to help you sell by providing resources

          • You need 5-10 resources to appear legit

  • How to create & tell your brand story for success

    • Basic story construction formula

      • WHO ARE YOU

      • WHAT DO YOU DO









1. Branding 

2. Company Reel

    • Why shoot a spec reel: Need to close the gap of perception and ability

      • 30 seconds

    • How to build your reel

      • Don’t wait for people to hire you

      • How to shoot for the reel ( Just get shots)

      • Beauty/sexy shots

      • 20 Cool shots

        • Slow motion

    • What: do you do next: Use worksheet

      • Reel (Worksheet GUIDE: How to brainstorm a shot list for products)

  • Pick 5 products and set up shoots just for those shots

    • Shoot 5-10 shots per product

  • How to shoot for a reel: Just get the shots you need, story unimportant

    • Use the shot list guide to get it done (at least 20 cool shots)

  • Get a certification

3. Website

    • How to set up a better website

    • Pages needed

      • Home: First sales opportunity

        • Long as you want

      • About

      • Services

      • Portfolio

      • Contact

        • God spot

    • Image rules

      • Faces

4. Business Card

  • Name

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Logo

  • Website

  • Different services:

    • Canva

    • Moo Cards

    • Psprint vs. Vistaprint

  • How to sell yourself when you are new

  • Understanding a marketing Funnel


  • Sales overview

  • What is a Sales Pipeline

  • Sales Marketing Cycle

    • Filling the Pipeline

      • Prospecting

    • Following Up

    • Having Sales Conversations

    • Closing the Sale



  • Hunting (outbound)  vs. Gathering (inbound)

Inbound Sales

  • People are calling you

  • Referrals

  • People booking appointments via your website

  • Inbound takes time to build up to


  • You are calling, emailing, texting people in your Niche

  • Setting appointments

  • Proactivity

  • Start with outbound first and work up to inbound

Niche Review

  • Who is your Target Customer

  • Where do they spend their time online and offline

Prospecting Activities

  • Direct Contact and Follow up

    • Linkedin messaging

    • Cold Calls

    • Cold Email

    • Social Media Direct Messages

    • Handwritten Notes/Letters

    • Make short video for free and send them the video (teaser) to your ideal customer

    • Reach out to friends in your network

  • Networking 



    • Facebook Groups

    • Linked In Groups

    • Referral Groups

    • Strategic Partnerships

    • Volunteering

  • Public Speaking

    • Asking to be guest speaker as video expert

    • Serving on panels as video expert

    • Virtual speaking via webinars, online chats, teleseminars

    • Giving Classes and Workshops

    • Bonus Tip: Asking people that already have audience easier than starting your own. IE. if you are in real estate niche do a talk to a local real estate office on how they can shoot their own video for real estate

  • Writing and Publicity

    • Local Publications

    • Guest Blogging for local bloggers as a video expert

    • Being interviewed on local broadcast media

    • Posting value adds on your social media

  • Follow up activities and reminders

    • List of Free CRM systems in your resource folder

Common Fears in Sales

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Bothering People

Fear of what people will think of you

  • How to Conduct a Consultation

    • At first Contact don’t look to close sale and rush

    • Understand them and Build Trust in Initial contact

    • Ask them about themself so that you can pull clues from what they say

    • People will buy from you if you trust them

  • Method:

    • Listen to them!

    • Reiterate the things they  have told you in the discovery portion


  • Mentality Review

    1. Understand mental frameworks

    2. Know yours

    3. Know how to be flexible with others

    4. Do not expect them to be you

    5. Be like water

    6. Always strive to see things from their POV

  • Sales Process Review

    1. Prospect

    2. Quality

    3. Propose

    4. Close


  • What is the essence of the Qualification (relationship building) phase?

    1. What is the qualification process

      1. Introductions

      2. Background/Getting to know them

      3. Business questions

      4. Validation

      5. Suggestions

      6. FOMO

      7. The three types of leads

    2. How to build trust, alignment, and attraction

      1. Ask the right questions

      2. Be an expert

      3. Know your impact

      4. Develop a shared POV

      5. Be Dependable

      6. Be Moral

      7. Foster intimacy

      8. Excite them

      9. Find a small win & over-deliver

  • Collateral Needed

    1. Website

    2. Demo Reel

    3. Pdfs

      1. Facts on Video marketing

      2. Case studies

      3. Links to articles (let others sell for you)

      4. Make your own summary in canva (or use the Vidmetrics guide)

  • Different Sales Approaches

    1. Free audit (awaken them)

    2. Free product/service (Law of reciprocity)

    3. Customer first (or) refer business

    4. Interview for project 

    5. Ask for something small, build on it

  • How to successfully identify & sell to different personality types

    1. Four main personality types (DiSC Profile)

  • overcoming sales objections & roadblocks

    1. Sales Objections are an opportunity to reframe

      1. Not a rejection

      2. A chance to listen and reframe

    2. Sales Objections about Price or Budget

      1. Need to create more value

      2. Highlight how your product/service helps them in money, time, efficiency, or effectiveness that is worth more than the cost of your product

      3. Sales Objections about Competition or switching

        1. Reframe discussion to be about your strengths

        2. Create a direct comparison to explain extra value

        3. Offer yourself in a secondary position

        4. Search for a smaller project

      4. Sales Objection about Authority or Buying power

        1. Usually have to discuss with someone else

        2. Turn them into an advocate

        3. Find out what the other person needs to make a decision

      5. Sales Objections About Product Fit or Need

        1. Usually lack of understanding or needs not being addressed

  • How to get the highest price out of them

    1. Key questions to ask

    2. Pricing tricks:

      1. How to give yourself an “out”

      2. How to offer value in exchange for discount


  • How to Estimate appropriately

    1. Use a breakdown sheet

    2. Use the budget

  • How to present nicely

  • How to use variable pricing to get the deal


  • How to close effectively

  • How to Conduct a Consultation

    • At first Contact don’t look to close sale and rush

    • Understand them and Build Trust in Initial contact

    • Ask them about themself so that you can pull clues from what they say

    • People will buy from you if you trust them

  • Method:

    • Listen to them!

    • Reiterate the things they  have told you in the discovery portion

  • Document needed: sales help

    • Infographics on power of video marketing

    • Educational content on video marketing


  • In-depth sales and marketing

    • How to get an anchor client

Week 4:
project management

Areas to master:

  • Conceptualize

  • Creative Work

  • Logistics work

    • Time

    • Space

    • People

  • Client Management


  • How to create a story direction

    • Remember the goal

    • Factor budget

    • Factor Time

    • Factor Resources

  • How to put project together

    • Product types


  • How to breakdown a script

  • How to make a shot list

  • How to plan a day

    • On a typical production, you can expect to shoot about 5 pages of script per day. This means you’ll be working day and night to set up and shoot about 5 minutes of final product footage. Following this logic it will take you 18 – 30 days of shooting time for a feature length film (depending on how many pages you’re shooting / day and how long your script is). Even 5 pages / day is considered ambitious on most film sets.

    • Usually people that work in the film business laugh at the production schedule of those working in commercials because a 30 second commercial spot may take 3 days to a week to shoot.


  • How to set up your business and promote yourself the right way

  • Short-term & long-term marketing activities

  • In-depth case studies for every social media platform
    How to set up your Social Media platforms to create long-term value

    • Facebook, Twitter

      • Profile photo

        • work 

        • Clear photo of you

      • About section

        • Who am I

          • I am a video producer and video marketing expert

        • What do I do

          • Features, niche: 

            • Create effective video marketing for Dentists

        • Why do you care

          • Benefits

            • So they can get more clients easily

      • Contact Info

      • Link all websites, etc.

      • Banner made in canva

    • Linkedin

      • Profile title

      • Add selling proposition

      • Use bio to test reactions

      • Make an offer

  • Social Media marketing tactics to get paid Videography clients

  • How to increase your network & net worth

  • How to shoot video on smartphone

  • Create your own marketing plan

  • How to plan for the future of marketing

  • Building Strategic Partnerships

    • Who you approach

    • How you approach them

    • How you scale

week 5:
client management & referrals

How to manage clients: What does it mean to manage a client?

  • What does it mean:

    • Clear agreements

      • Price

        • Total Cost

        • Additional costs billed at end: Travel, parking, unexpected costs you communicate along the way

      • Effort

        • Days

        • Hours per day

        • Staffing

      • Final Product length

        • Cost for final product

        • Additional cost for additional products

          • Upsells

          • Additional client requests

    • How to handle additional client requests

      • First quantify their request

        • How much more time will it take

        • How many more resources

    • Clear milestone Dates (don’t put it in the contract)

      • Pre-production

        • Outline

        • Script

        • Schedule

        • Breakdown fulfillment

      • Production

        • Client gives 25%

        • Shooting (How many days)

        • Managing employees: 

          • collecting invoices

          • Start 30 day clock

      • Post

        • First Cut

        • Final Cut

        • Client pays balance + fees

        • Extras

    • Regular communication

      • Communicate before a milestone

      • Communicate at the milestone

    • Benefits of communicating a lot

      • Build more connection aka relationship

      • Build in upsells

        • Share info on other types of videos or services that could benefit them

        • Follow up later with a soft pitch


      • A 1-2 minute explanation of an idea

        • How it will help them

          • What goals

          • What pains solved

        • Why it’s interesting

          • Tie into something they agree with

          • Elaborate on a goal or pain they’re interested in

          • A unique feature

          • Anything that will give them a (perceived) edge against competitors

    • How to use communication to build your own value

      • Show them you’re working on it

      • Ask for input

    • Do not have the “waiting to exhale” moment where you take a job, disappear, and then they have to judge the final project  and then their expectations are harder vs. being part of the process.

  • How to include a client into the process

    • Difficult for beginners bc you are learning process

    • Establish clear boundaries:

      • Batched requests: only allowed to give you feedback during times you deem

    • Must provide info requested to ensure success

      • Brand info

      • Branding guidelines

      • Other important info

  • Checkpoints: what to do before, during, and after

  • Tip: Keep a close track of who was responsible for what

    • Use notepad, evernote, slack

    • Every time you are on a phone call, update notes

    • Make sure you have a clear list of to-dos (for both) once you are done

    • If you are waiting for something, note it

  • Theory of Influence

    • Reciprocity -Return the favor (free samples)

    • Commitment and consistency -If they commit orally or writing to idea or goal, more likely to honor (get a small commitment early)

    • Social Proof -Be part of the crowd

    • Authority -People tend to obey

    • Liking -Easily persuaded by people they like (hence endorsement deals)

    • Scarcity -Lack of = more demand & sacrifice

  • How to get the testimonial

    • customers who advocate for you, actually stay longer and pay you more

    • Rules:

      • Ask at the right time

        • At moment of a successful final delivery, after they compliment you

        • Ask them if you can use that as a testimonial

      • Make it easy: start with open ended question

      • For more formal testimonials: give them clear directions

        • What aspect of your service do you want them to focus on?

        • Service, results, impact, process, specific skills, etc.

          • How did you help them overcome their specific problem?

          • How much profit did they generate as a result?

          • How did the final product meet their needs?

          • Were they surprised by your service delivery?

          • How did they find the experience of working with you?

          • Would they recommend you to their friends or colleagues?

  • How to get more referrals

    • Referrals are about relationships

      • Do not start asking for a referral

      • Offer value first

      • Engage on social media 1-2 times a week

      • Support them

      • Offer education & Inspiration

      • Create an “event” (special deal, goal, or need you have)

      • Ask for advice/introductions (Don’t ask for money, ask for more relationships)

  • Two types of referrers:

    • From direct clients: 

      • You give them value first

      • Ask after the job is done

        • Are there any other people who could benefit from my services?

        • Offer a discount or extra perk for people they refer

        • Also give them a 5% commission for all referrals

    • From partners: 

      • Will give you work if they perceive value in you

        • Share your successes

        • Share your opportunities

        • Share your goals

      • If they think you will owe them (off them incentive)

        • Discounts for future work

        • Commissions

        • Favor for a favor

      • If they like you

        • Be interested in them first

        • Be human

        • Add understanding to their area

  • How to network

    • Places to go


        • Your ideal customer




    • Approach

      • Know your value

      • What services do you offer

      • Know how  you help people

    • People to talk to

      • People who are directors of marketing, owners, or C-level people

      • Talk in their manner

        • Slow and steady vs energetic & quick

      • Ask more questions than you answer 80/20 rule

      • Near end after you’ve learned about them offer something you will send to them, easy way to get email or phone or social media. Just ask for one.

      • Make sure you leave them with a promise

        • You will check out their stuff

        • You will send something to them

    • How to understand if they are worth your time

      • Client avatar

        • What does their company do

        • How long have they been in business

        • How many employees do they have

        • What kind of goals are they seeking

        • What are their recent milestones

  • How to build partnerships

    • Step 1: Make sure you have a portfolio, reel, pdf

    • Step 2: Do research on what they offer already

    • Step 3: Offer value & Structure

      • What  services and products you offer

      • How a partnership works

        • You give them your list cost

        • Allow them to sell for any amount above

        • If they just refer you give 10% commission

        • They retain client if they want

        • You help develop idea as a preferred partner

        • Might have to go in-house with their email

    • Step 4: Ask for a test run

      • If they have any projects you can lend a hand on

      • Do some behind the scenes work for them

        • Focus on deliverables that are easy

        • Have low ROI requirements

      • It’s about showing your communication and responsiveness

    • Step 5: NURTURE

      • ALWAYS answer right away

      • You must be their guru

      • Be the MOST dependable person they’ve ever worked with bc you aren’t only making yourself look good -you have to make them look good to their client


Don’t worry! I’m so friggin’ confident about this course that I am offering a full 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE. That means, at any point if you are unhappy with the product I will refund it in full, no questions asked. My goal is to change your life by helping you level up your business financially, and if I can’t do that, I don’t deserve your patronage, now do I?

guarantee_icon LIFETIME.png

don’t know who I am or why this course is freaking insanely awesome?

Check out my #1 Podcast

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Podcast Reviews.png


Henry in Morocco producing a spot for Samsung. It was super fun. And you can have fun too!

Henry in Morocco producing a spot for Samsung. It was super fun. And you can have fun too!

Henry Finn is a wild animal that was raised in the mountains of the San Francisco Bay Area. He is largely self-taught and there’s no father to his style, which is why people call him ODB Jr.

Just kidding, Henry is a commercial producer based in the Bay Area and you can see his company site at When he is not working his arse off on grueling productions he is hosting Videography Academy the podcast and building the best course in all the seven kingdoms.

He has worked with clients such as Samsung, Kia, Gatorade, and many more.

He started Videography Academy because he saw the need for it as video has become the ultimate marketing tool for business and brands and there was nobody giving good honest advice when he was starting. His dream is to raise the industry of videography into a well-oiled high-paying machine to help give people like you an opportunity to live the life of your dreams, ie. get paid to do all the cool shit you want to do: travel, meet interesting people, learn new things, and have freaking fun telling stories!

Filming NBA Champ & MVP Steph Curry at the NBA Western Conference Finals

Filming NBA Champ & MVP Steph Curry at the NBA Western Conference Finals

Filming NBA Champ Kyrie Irving at the NBA All-Star Weekend

Filming NBA Champ Kyrie Irving at the NBA All-Star Weekend

Getting on a Private Jet with Steph Curry to film a private event!

Getting on a Private Jet with Steph Curry to film a private event!

Steph Curry giving Henry a shoutout on camera

Steph Curry giving Henry a shoutout on camera

Henry Shooting NBA Champ Klay Thompson for a Body Armor Social media Spot

Henry Shooting NBA Champ Klay Thompson for a Body Armor Social media Spot

MMmmmm no sugar!!

MMmmmm no sugar!!

Filming a VR project with MMA Champion Luke Rockhold

Filming a VR project with MMA Champion Luke Rockhold

Henry needs to do some sit-ups!

Henry needs to do some sit-ups!